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We’ve decided to keep the good times rollin’ by extending the Public Test until Friday, August 2nd, 2019, 3 pm UTC.ːsteamhappyː

Also, for contracts/store slots currently available in the Space Engineers Public Test/the upcoming Economy update, we are planning to have a system where every player has the same amount of contracts/store slots available to them; players will not be able to buy extra space for contracts/store slots. Please note: we're still gathering feedback from players during these public tests, which means the features present in each public test are not final and may change.[/b]

Hello, Engineers!

Lord Clang demands another public test! And we don’t want to displease Lord Clang. ːsteamhappyː

We’re excited to announce that there will be a public test on[b] Thursday, July 25th, 9 am to Friday, July 26th, 3 pm (UTC), 2019.[/b] We may extend the test over the weekend (and beyond) depending on how the test is going.



-NPC Trading Stations : AI controlled store and contracts

-Contracts: generated and player made

-New blocks: Store, Contracts, Safe zone

-New items: datapad, zone chip, consumables, space credits

-Faction reputation

-In-game currency

-Player to player trading

-New Admin Tools features: for trash cleaner, for economy

-Consumables: medkit, powerkit



Players will start with 1 million SC (space credits) for the purpose of the public test.

-Added more grids for the Repair Contract

-Added new medkit icon and model

-Added new powerkit icon and model

-Added check so that Safe Zones can not overlap

-Added Store block blueprint to the Assembler

-Added new economy themed pictures to the LCD picture selection

-Added support for Store and Contracts in Visual Scripting

-Added Assembler inventories to the contracts inventory selection UI

-Added more gas for sale on NPC stations

-Changed Safe Zone textures SBC file to be more modding friendly

-Contract accept window is easier to read now

-Fixed issue with admin moving to safe zone of the NPC station

-Fixed issue with datapad editing field and performance

-Fixed issue with LCDs on several blocks

-Fixed issue with terminal controls for some mods

-Fixed crash when editing faction logo

-Fixed issue of missing GPS icon

-Fixed issues with thrusters not using power

-Fixed crash when editing old faction without icon

-Fixed issue with OS locale settings and loading the world error

-Fixed crash when finishing contract

-Fixed shifted projections

-Fixed crash when refreshing factions in respawn screen

-Fixed issue with projections in blueprints

-Fixed several issues with new admin feature Ignore Safe Zone

-Fixed crash on exit for DS

-Fixed crash when opening Store/Contract UI with multiple keybinds at once

-Fixed issue that player could not turn off gamepad/joystick in the Options

-Fixed modded icons for faction logo and items

-Fixed UI issues on very large resolutions and unusual aspect ratios

-Fixed crash in DS GUI when entering large numbers to several fields

-Fixed issue with gamepad buttons

-Fixed issues with Shoot on for missile launchers

-Fixed several English language types and bugs

-Fixed tooltips in new Economy admin sections

-Fixed updating of Volume in Store block UI

-Fixed issue with in-game script editor

-Fixed several issues in P2P trade screen

--Fixed button size issue in Contracts admin screen

-Fixed issue with Safe Zone eating two Zone Chips on activation

-Fixed issue when inactive Safe Zone was eating too much power

-Tweaked height of the contract’s type filter

-Tweaked rewards for Hauling Contract; you will get much more money and bit more reputation now.

-Tweaked amounts of stuff for Acquisition Contracts

-Tweaked grids for the Search Contract

As always, we encourage everyone to try out all of the new features. [b]Players will be able to submit their feedback on all of these features via a survey at the end of the test.[/b]

[h1]Branch code/password: nt8WuDw9kdvE[/h1]

[b]Instructions on how to access the public test:[/b]

1. Select the game from your library, right click and select properties.

A dialog box with a number of tabs will appear, you’re looking for one that says "publictest".

2. You will see 2 things now, a drop down menu and a text box to enter a beta access code. Enter the password provided here and choose playtest branch from the drop down menu.

We are planning to have several servers for this public test; the number of servers will depend on how many engineers suit up for this test.

Thanks for reading and have fun!


[b]Any additional feedback you may have forgotten to mention via the survey at the end of the test can be submitted here: [/b]



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