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Hello, Engineers!

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been teasing a few things for Space Engineers lately.

And we’re excited to announce that there will be a [b]public test on Thursday, January 17th, beginning at 10 am UTC and running until Friday, January 18th, 4 pm UTC![/b] ːsteamhappyː

For more information on what [b]features will be included in this public test, as well as other exciting Space Engineers news, please see Marek Rosa’s new blog post here[/b]:

We encourage everyone to try out all of the new features. Players will be able to submit their feedback on all of these features via a survey at the end of the test.

We will announce the[b] branch code/password [/b]at the time of the test. There will be at least two servers: [b]one for the EU, one for the US[/b], and perhaps additional servers as well.

[b]Branch code/password: nt7WuDw9kdvC[/b]

[b]Instructions to access test/how to change branches:[/b]

1. Select the game from your library, right click and select properties.

A dialog box with a number of tabs will appear, you’re looking for one that says "BETAS".

2. You will see 2 things now, a drop down menu and a text box to enter a beta access code. Enter the password provided here and choose playtest branch from the drop down menu.

[b]If you’re not able to participate in this test, don’t worry! We’re planning to have more very soon.


Thanks for reading and see you all online this Thursday!


Any additional feedback you may have forgotten to mention via the survey at the end of the test can be submitted here:



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