Steam News Beitrag auf Steam ansehen |  19.12.19 | (Samuel Pinney) | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

How to turn (almost) any game into an RPG in 5 easy steps

Everyone loves a good RPG right? Compelling dialogue, interesting choices, the gradual accumulation of power to defeat a big baddie. Problem is proper, deep ones take years to make and are becoming rarer all the time. So what s the solution? Simple: hack other games into being RPGs!

I m not talking about modding, or other feats of technological wizardry. I’m taking about shoe-horning an RPG into existing games in the name of fun, with just your imagination. I recently put this into practise as the Game Master, ODD the robot, on the adventures of the Wastes Of Space. I helped some of RPS’s staffers have some ridiculous space RPG shenanigans, in a sandbox game about physics and engineering. And you can make your own fun just like this! How you may ask? Well, with these five surprisingly detailed steps.