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Space Engineers - Warfare 1: Field Engineer

Hello, Engineers!

The next major release for Space Engineers is upon us. Warfare 1: Field Engineer provides you with new choices in how you create and destroy. Field Engineers is the first installment in our all-new Warfare content! Warfare 1 doesn't just focus on the Engineer, it also includes new blocks to outfit your base, space station, or fortress. Prepare your defense or lay siege like never before.

[*] Marek's Blog post
[*] Full Changelog
Update Features
[*] Damage, Hit and Enemy player Indicator
[*] Vertical and horizontal recoil functionality for hand weapons
[*] Hand weapons rebalance
[*] Added Three S Series Pistols
[*] Added Two Rocket Launchers
[*] Implemented reload animations for all hand weapons
[*] Brand New Rifle shot sounds
[*] Hand weapons ammo rework
[*] Magazines visual overhaul
[*] Target Dummy Block
[*] Two New Passage Blocks
[*] New PvP Scenaio - Uranium Heist
[*] Optimized voxel physics shape prefetch
[*] Voxel texture arrays streaming - Textures, Shaders & Mipmaps
[*] New light texture for Car spotlights
[*] Players names for combat scenarios
[*] Added Friendly Fire world setting for MP
[*] Added Team balancer and Match session components and world setting for MP PvP scenarios
[*] Added Match administration for PvP scenarios
[*] Added Faction score UI for PvP scenarios (3 teams)
[*] Added Character speed multiplier world setting
[*] Added Recoil world setting
[*] Added Environment damage multiplier world setting
[*] Added Gamepad aim assist and world setting for it (turned off by default for MP)
[*] Added Backpack despawn timer override world setting
[*] Added Allow building projection to global filter and safezones
[*] Added Game UI options for selecting color/transparency of new hit indicator
[*] Added Consumable assembler category
[*] Added Damage turned off and Grid is immune notifications
Warfare 1: Field Engineer Pack:
[*] Fire Cover Block
[*] Half Window Block
[*] Weapon Rack Block
[*] 5 Passage Blocks
[*] Embrasure Block
[*] 2 new Emotes
[*] Assault Suit skin

Fixes & Improvements
[*] Fixed a crash when creating random lightning
[*] Fixed a crash when Safezone filter UI stayed visible even when disconnected from session and user interacted with it
[*] Fixed a crash when trying to upload a mod when its files are being actively modified or are corrupted
[*] Optimized how grids are loading, had impact on world loading, projection spawning as well
[*] Changed "Enable friendly turret damage" Advanced world option description being misleading, it only applies to any missile damage
[*] Fixed DSGUI being slow when trying to load large worlds
[*] Fixed floating but otherwise unmoving grids not falling down after thrusters were removed
[*] Fixed floating objects in gravity synchronizing each frame, causing traffic even when not actually changing position
[*] Fixed Gatling turrets not being able to detect enemies behind it
[*] Fixed GDPR agreement changes persisting even when trying to discard changes by exiting the Game settings with Escape
[*] Fixed headshot feature not working as intended
[*] Fixed hydrogen storage percentage reaching up to 500%
[*] Fixed inability to add plugins for vanilla Dedicated Server
[*] Fixed inability to export objects with Ctrl+Alt+E
[*] Fixed inability to modify manually placed asteroids with a voxel hand
[*] Fixed inability to start a newly made local scenario directly after publishing it
[*] Fixed Interior turrets doing more damage than intended due to them not respecting Damage multiplier
[*] Fixed Join game->Game browser not updating when max player was changed while Lobby was running
[*] Fixed jump drive countdown state being remembered in blueprints
[*] Fixed Landing gear incorrectly switching from "Ready to lock" to "Locked" state after a grid was split even when autolock was specifically disabled
[*] Fixed large Industrial cockpit having default collision cube (while still a cube it is now not the default one)
[*] Fixed meteor grid damage not respecting Global permissions
[*] Fixed possible piston clang behavior due to Z axis force limits not being checked
[*] Fixed rare inability to turn on gamepad while the game was already running
[*] Fixed Sabiroids returning to Idle mode when server was restarted while chasing somebody
[*] Fixed specific incorrect Programmable block behavior when reusing MyIni
[*] Fixed subgrids previously lifted by rotor strength not falling down immediately after rotor was turned off with Braking torque set to 0
[*] Fixed the ability to paste floating objects into grids
[*] Fixed the ability to place blocks inside the extended parts of a piston
[*] Fixed the ability to select and place unresearched block with a gamepad
[*] Fixed the Open workshop button in the Gamepad Simple New game screen not actually doing anything
[*] Fixed turrets shooting above wolves because of the wolves' incorrect collision box size
[*] Fixed voxel hand being usable when character is dead
[*] Fixed wheels being able to rotate the whole vehicle when the handbrake is engaged
[*] Fixed broken Cryo Chamber texture on High details
[*] Fixed broken deformation bones on multiple armor blocks
[*] Fixed character not immediately switching animation when running out of hydrogen
[*] Fixed destroyed bushes leaving black cubes behind
[*] Fixed Merge block LoD model being rotated 90 degrees
[*] Fixed mirrored Grated Half Stairs not changing LoD models in construction stages
[*] Fixed missing Small lightning damaged state particles
[*] Fixed unfitting LoD2 texture for Airtight Hangar Door
[*] Fixed UV textures for Grated (Half) Stairs
[*] Fixed visual bug in Assembler production screen when inventory is full while trying to produce items
[*] Fixed incorrect order and formatting of columns in Friends tab of a Join game screen on Xbox
[*] Fixed Mods screen not refreshing correctly after subscribing to a new mod
[*] Fixed Sensor block having max required input of 0 W at all times
[*] Fixed two different weathers being the same name in French localization (Orage léger)
[*] Fixed rare crash of dedicated server (EOS)
[*] Fixed crash in Model viewer
[*] Fixed network performance issues for floating object, backpack, safezone block and waypoint
[*] Fixed crash in resource distributor
[*] Fixed black screen issue after suspending game on Xbox console
Support Site Fixes
[*] Fixed a crash when a character tried to spawn on a projected Medical room
[*] Fixed a crash when normally unavailable Show on HUD was activated for antennas
[*] Fixed a crash when opening weather admin screen in French localization
[*] Fixed a crash when sending "/nml" in the chat
[*] Optimized History and Favorites tab be more performant
[*] Fixed ability to set NaN (not a number) value to wheel settings, causing unpredictable behavior
[*] Fixed Advanced door subparts damaging the character when grid accelerates
[*] Fixed assembler in cooperative mode trying to produce ingots when paired with a survival kit
[*] Fixed assemblers consuming ingots when producing while inventory is full
[*] Fixed asteroid embeded station becoming dynamic when removing blocks in certain configurations
[*] Fixed Cryo Pod managing O2 incorrectly
[*] Fixed existence of blocks being built by multiple people desynchronizing on DS
[*] Fixed gasses not being able to pass through Sorters in the correct direction
[*] Fixed Good.Bot forgetting already finished tutorials between sessions
[*] Fixed hydrogen not being used when character in jetpack flew in one direction only
[*] Fixed in-game text editor becoming unresponsive when holding Alt or having mechanically stuck keys
[*] Fixed inability to build from cockpit (Ctrl+G) in survival lobby games
[*] Fixed inability to load older saves without newer data
[*] Fixed inability to save worlds with names longer than 12 characters
[*] Fixed infinite loading screen when trying to load world which was saved and exited while character was dead
[*] Fixed Lightning not hitting decoys as a priority
[*] Fixed merge blocks not merging in certain situations
[*] Fixed overriden thrusters on stations incorrectly consuming power when turned off
[*] Fixed Particle.UserRadiusMultiplier not working properly for Mods
[*] Fixed planets being listed as spawn sites even when situated beyond the playable world limits
[*] Fixed previous unsuccessful renaming of blueprints compounding in the confirmation dialog
[*] Fixed Programmable block raycasts not checking for pitch and yaw angles correctly
[*] Fixed republishing of an existing mod getting rid of previously set categories
[*] Fixed Russian localization for Antenna range slider
[*] Fixed ship toolbar not working properly with a gamepad
[*] Fixed Sloped corner heavy armor tip being easier to destroy than the light variant
[*] Fixed Sorter not pulling items properly when grid has timers turning conveyor systems on/off, confusing it
[*] Fixed Terminal Control panel UI not updating selection when trying to control the left pane with arrow keys
[*] Fixed Timer block delay slider not showing correct time
[*] Fixed transparency issues for buildable and non-buildable parts of a projection
[*] Fixed unresponsive server not noticing the disconnection of a player, preventing said player from reconnecting again
[*] Fixed Visual scripting tool not saving nodes properly for scenarios
[*] Fixed wheels incorrectly having access to Share inertia setting
[*] Fixed wheels making a flying grid uncontrollable
[*] Fixed wind sounds from fast character moving through atmosphere persisting through death
[*] Fixed hydrogen engine energy output being incorrectly included in calculations for stored energy duration
[*] Fixed Mods disappearing from radial menu in Survival mode after enabling Creative tools
[*] Fixed OK button graying out inexplicably when toggling categories before Publishing a mod
[*] Fixed parachute hatch not present in production screen
[*] Fixed Realistic sound mode not affecting weather sounds
[*] Fixed Small grid text panel appearing as upside down on Low/Medium settings
[*] Fixed transparent textures on Yield modules with Low/Medium settings
[*] Fixed Altimeter and artificial horizon being present when in spectator mode
[*] Fixed an error in German translation for wheel Strength setting
[*] Fixed block description tooltips being too large in Russian localization
[*] Fixed Chinese localization characters/expressions being shifted a bit in the UI
[*] Fixed crosshair being off-center when seat is not aligned with camera
[*] Fixed grammar in Search contract description text
[*] Fixed small grid conveyor tube having gray edges
[*] Fixed UI sounds happening when using hand tools through gamepad
[*] Fixed double tapping issue on hand weapons
[*] Fixed Silicon naming for Italian language
Visual Scripting Tool
[*] Fixed Tooltips getting stuck
[*] Fixed Arithmetic node crash when missing inputs
[*] Fixed Crash on making new scripts
[*] Fixed New mission nodes not saving
[*] Fixed FloatingObject entities not triggering AreaTrigger events
[*] Added New Functions:
[*] Added New Events:
-MatchStateChanged (+Key)
-MatchStateEnded (+Key)
-MatchStateStarted (+Key)