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Space Engineers goes to war in latest patch and DLC

space game is finally taking a stab at the way warfare is handled, with a new patch and mini-DLC pack that, between them, revamps infantry combat.

Update 1.198 overhauls the mechanics around ground combat, with new weapons - including two new rocket launchers and three new pistols - and new gun mechanics that bring the infantry combat more in-line with what you'd see in other FPS games. There are also some free new blocks, as well as lots of quality of life and user experience improvements to further help facilitate competitive play.

Alongside the free patch is the Warfare 1: Field Engineer DLC pack, which introduces a range of new block types, a new skin, and some emotes. You can still interact with these blocks even if you don't own the DLC, but only those that have purchased will be able to actually build the new blocks. This is the first step in a new series of warfare-themed updates. Keen Software House CEO Marek Rosa confirmed in a blog post that Warfare 2 will be coming "in the future", although we don't know what it will cover.

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