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Space Engineers: 10 Year Anniversary Update & Free Weekend

Hello, Engineers!

How time flies when you are having fun.

Ten years ago we began this incredible journey through the stars, laying the foundation for everything that has come to pass. 10 years, 5 million copies, Hundreds of updates, and a half million workshop mods and creations later, Space Engineers is still thriving!

In celebration of this incredible moment, we have prepared a surprise update for you to commemorate 10 years of engineering, planning, grinding, welding, battles, and exploration!

To every Space Engineer out in the vastness of space, those of you that have been with us from the beginning, to those that became a Space Engineers only now, thank you for being a part of this journey. Your creativity and passion for Space Engineers inspires us to our very best.

Marek's Blog post:

[*] When joining an "experimental" server, you may now switch to "Experimental Mode"
[*] Sounds of Space Engineers 2023 music tracks added to Jukebox
Added new Blocks - Base Game
[*] Engineer Statue (1 block, L grid)
[*] Fireworks Block (1 block, S + L grid) & Color Variant Ammo
[*] Flare Gun & Ammo
[*] Tuxedo Suit Character Skin

[h3]10 Year Anniversary Pack[/h3]
Available until January 5th, 5PM UTC
[*] Party Tuxedo Suit Character Skin
[*] Ghost Character Skin
[*] Veteran Character Skin
[h3]Steam Free Weekend & 75% Sale[/h3]
Space Engineers is free to play on Steam this weekend!

You can install and enjoy Space Engineers for free from October 26, 5 pm UTC to October 30, 2023.

We are also running a Steam Sale from October 26, 2023 to November 2, 2023. Space Engineers base game will be 75% off!

There was no better time to join our community - fulfill your need to create!

Fixes & Improvements
[*] Fixed an issue with clients connecting to EOS dedicated server
[*] Fixed an issue which would revert voxel changes for the asteroid bases in Asteroid Armory and Space Standoff